Strengthening Feminist Voices

The Strengthening Feminist Voices (SFV) thematic is a flexible funding opportunity aimed at supporting and strengthening grassroots feminist leadership and movements. The thematic has been framed based on WFA's research Rights, Shares and Claims, which highlights the critical issue of dwindling resources for women’s rights mobilising and grassroots feminist interventions in South Asia. This thematic embodies WFA's political mandate of putting resources in the hands of frontline defenders to strategically strengthen and sustain themselves and their organisations.

The three main focus areas of this thematic are:

  1. Seeding, sustaining and/or strengthening organisations by filling critical gaps in institutional/core funding
  2. Strengthening organisational capacity, leadership, and governance processes
  3. Supporting the development of new and innovative strategies, tools and areas of work 

Some of the key strategies and activities SAWF supports under this thematic are:

  • Building perspectives, raising awareness and understanding on feminist principles
  • Institutional and core support, especially for small grassroots groups
  • Innovative interventions being implemented by young women, girls, trans, and intersex people groups/activists, especially using media, ICTs and other tools
  • Developing and strengthening collaborations between individuals and groups, particularly across borders
  • Supporting participation in and facilitation of spaces for discussion, exchange and learning at local, national and regional level
  • Supporting feminist research which addresses critical women’s issues and can be used for advocacy or learning by the women’s movements