Our Advisors

Jael Silliman

Jael Silliman is globally known for her work and commitment to human rights. She is currently supporting SAWF on grant-making, and developing its strategic profile and advocacy portfolio to build SAWF’s ability to advocate for the enhancement of indigenous philanthropy towards women’s rights.

Kishali Pinto-Jayawardene

Kishali Pinto-Jayawardene is a well-known human rights lawyer from Sri Lanka who has worked closely with the Asian Human Rights Commission on many issues relating to the protection and promotion of human rights in Sri Lanka, as well as in Asia.

Sara Hossain

Sara Hossain is a lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, in the areas of constitutional, public interest and family law. She is a member of a human rights organisation, Ain o Salish Kendra and heads another human rights organisation, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Service Trust.

Hana Shams Ahmed

Hana Shams Ahmed is a freelance writer and has previously worked with the Forum magazine and as a feature writer for The Star magazine. She has extensively written about the rights of Bangladeshi migrant workers, Urdu-speaking groups of Bangladesh, sexual harassment of women, abuse of domestic workers, and nationalism and identity politics in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.